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页面-body-web-strategyEven with the immense social and technological changes and advances of the past few decades, 市场营销的一些基本原则保持不变:

  • 你需要好的产品或服务
  • 你需要让你的产品或服务可见
  • Your product and your business need to mean something to your audience

互联网并没有让这些事情变得不真实. But it does offer new,  dynamic tools to get your message and your brand out there.

Of course, you need to know how to use the tools of the web effectively. The team at 对媒体 can help you leverage web technology to reach your goals.


To learn about some of the resources and tools we commonly use in our web development strategies, 探索这些页面:

We can consult with you and build a web strategy that fits your needs and budget. Explore the rest of this 页面 below to learn more about our strategic approach to creating a web presence you can be proud of. 


Before you can get where you want to go, you’ve got to know where you are. That might sound like something you’d read in a fortune cookie, 但是天气太冷了, 经营企业的残酷事实. 在线上和线下都是如此.

At 对媒体, we know the importance of having clear, attainable goals. That’s why every project we take on starts with a web development consultation. In this initial stage, we meet with you and discuss your vision for your business. From there, we’ll talk about how to make that vision a reality.


想象一下第一次见到某人. 你和他握手,说你好. 突然间,他们吐了你一身. 这不是一幅令人愉快的图画,是吗? But that’s pretty much what too many sales reps do: They just spew information at prospects without figuring out any of their problems first.

致敬媒体不会吐在别人身上. Instead, we take the time to understand what you want and then figure out how to get it. hg皇冠老牌会问这样的问题:


您如何看待您的业务和市场? What’s the message that you want to present to the public at large?


One of the most common "objectives" we hear is that people want more traffic to their website. Do you instantly become richer when someone lands on your website? No. 那么人们这么说是什么意思呢? We find out by asking questions that will uncover the real needs of your business.


  • 以吸引人们参观你的物理位置?
  • 更合格的领导?
  • 在线创收的能力?


网络开发和营销并不是魔术. We can’t conjure up a new site or more visitors out of thin air. 把事情做好需要时间和金钱. Because of this, we’ll take an honest, realistic look at what you can get for what you can afford.

Once we understand your specific needs and settle on a plan, we’ll get to work. To get an idea of what we can do and how we do it, click the links below:







To get your inbound marketing or website development strategy started on the right foot, hg皇冠老牌建议举办一个战略研讨会. Workshops may be recommended as half-day or full-day depending on your objectives, 团队规模, 和预期的交付.


Workshops can be purchased as a stand-alone or with a website development project or inbound marketing engagement.  从研讨会开始的好处包括:

  • 跨组织的目标对齐
  • 尝试与对媒体合作
  • 立即实施的切实可交付成果
  • 重启你的项目

要了解更多关于研讨会和定价,请查看hg皇冠老牌网络战略研讨会 页面.




Before the first brick gets laid or the first nail is hit, you need a design and blueprints. But before you even get to that point, you need to find a good location for your house. 你需要考虑你需要的房间和空间, 当然, 你需要做一些艰苦的工作, realistic number-crunching to figure out how to pay for your new home.

At 对媒体, we help businesses lay the foundation for success on the web. We can work with you to build a strategic plan for your web presence:

  • 开发一个适合你特定需求的网站
  • 为你的目标受众创造引人注目的内容
  • 设计一个有效的社交媒体活动
  • 获得更多合格的线索 

To build an effective marketing plan, you need to know three things:


Before you can get where you want to go, you’ve got to know where you are.

  • 你们公司目前的状况是什么?
  • 你对你的企业和品牌的愿景是什么?
  • 你的网站如何帮助你实现你的商业目标?
  • How does your website perform compared to your competitors’ sites?
  • 你在社交媒体上有多活跃?



  • 你的竞争对手在做什么?
  • 有年轻的新贵在兴风作浪吗?
  • 任何新的营销或商业技术趋势?

An effective marketing plan takes all of these factors into consideration.


Visions and dreams are all well and good, but they don’t come true all by themselves. 为了实现这些目标,必须有人买单.

Take an honest look at how much money you can put towards web marketing. Once you know your budget, you can start getting an idea of your return on investment.

Creating a web marketing plan starts with talking to an expert. 找出你是否有改进的空间; 点击这里安排你的免费体检.


Any good web strategy includes the four elements of what we call Foundational 网络营销:


Like the term itself suggests, your web presence is how people find your business online. 通常,你的web存在就是你的网站. It also includes your presence on social media and even your Google My Business Profile.


很少有人一开始会直接去网站. More often than not, they’ll search for it by using a search engine like Google or Bing. 搜索引擎优化 (SEO) is the process by which you can make your site appear more prominently in search results.


People won’t necessarily go to your site just because it pops up on Google, though. To get traffic to your website, you may need to employ other methods such as:

  • 社交媒体营销
  • 电子邮件营销
  • 点击付费广告


万岁! 你的网站有了访客. 你现在想让他们做什么? 给你他们的信息(这样你就有了新的线索)? 从你购买? 转化率优化 (CRO) means designing your website in such a way to encourage your visitors to do what you want them to do. 这是通过明确的行动呼吁(cta)实现的。, 集中登陆页面, 以及精心设计的网页表单.

想了解更多关于基础网络营销? 皮卡致敬媒体创始人科里·史密斯的书.